September 2010

My first trip to Paris. I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s a city for romantics, passion and love. Would I feel that way? At the time I didn’t feel that but over the years I’ve been visiting the city I have fallen in love with it. I never get bored of walking around the city. I’m not a foodie so that is a bit lost on me. It is simply a beautiful city to wander. Oh but I do adore chocolate eclairs. Proper choux pastry with chocolate cream.

For our first night we went up to Sacré-Coeur to look over the city as it transitioned from day to night. A shame it was overcast but still what a sight. You could see the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame cathedral and Centre Georges Pompidou. It was a bit spoilt by touts trying to sell you trinkets while you’re trying to soak in the view. The thing to do though is sit with a bottle of wine and chat with your loved ones or mates. It’s super busy but worth doing if you can find a spot.

After we went to possibly my favourite restaurant in the world. It’s a little place called Le Refuge des Fondus. The menu is simple. Meat or cheese. The bring you a glass of some sweet alcohol to start with sugar around the rim of the glass. When the food arrives you get red or white wine in a baby’s bottle. It’s not some hipster place. It’s just how they’ve done it for years. We chose meat and you spend the evening dunking meat into a fondu dish on your table while talking to your neighbours. You see its one long table so you are forced to chat with people. I love its simplicity and you always have an interesting conversation. I really hope they survive Covid.

That was my first day in Paris. Simpler times of wandering and eating nice food.