I totally forgot but yesterday, 23rd April 2007, was Liverpool’s 800th birthday. I should have posted something a little better than what I did post. Nevermind. Its not Liverpool’s birthday till the 28th August. The rest of this week will be taken up by slideshows focusing on the birthday celebrations they had yesterday. Today’s slideshow is of Prince Charles visiting the re-opening of St Georges Hall. He arrived by train, met the council leader Warren Bradley and went inside. Meanwhile outside it rained. Some people turned up late because they didn’t know the times, most people left because of the weather. I think because there was a bunch of us press photographers standing around some people may have thought that something was happening. 2 hours later something did happen. They bought on the Bollywood dancers which I will be featuring tomorrow. I overheard people talking in the crowd and they didn’t exactly get the connection between St Georges Day, St Georges Hall and Bollywood. In fact I think the two women in the early shots all dressed up smartly left. They came over and said that someone would be hearing about this as they weren’t happy. I didn’t see them again.

After the dancers it was another hour and a half to kill before Prince Charles came back out to ring the bell. It continued raining. Neither my 10D or 30D are weatherproof but they are still working, thankfully. They really did get wet but not soaked thanks to the guy from the Mersey Reporter. I wandered off to try and get a better view of the bell Prince Charles would ring and found a spot. Then of course they moved the bell and I had to rush back to my other position. There wasn’t much room so I had to kneel next to the policeman in the rain and peek around him to get shots. Typically when Prince Charles came out they put people in the way so I couldn’t get shots of him ringing the bell.

Wet and cold I headed back to the office to process shots before St Georges Hall officially re-opened to the public at 4pm. I’ve included 1 shot from this but I have plenty more. They’ll be up on Thursday. After this I went home to change and warm up before heading out to shoot the Son et Lumière show that was to be projected on the side of St Georges Hall. This was really fantastic and the full series will be online for Friday. All in all a long wet day but I enjoyed it.

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  1. Hi, April 23rd is (only) St George’s Day not Liverpool’s birthday. Liverpool’s 800th birthday is August 28th (which is also my son’s birthday – he’s 30 this year)

    I missed all this because I’ve had an almighty cold the past few days. I even had tickets for the son et lumiere which went to waste 🙁

  2. Ah phew. Someone on a forum said it was Liverpool’s birthday and the light show made me think it was true. I’ll try not to miss the real one 😀

  3. it’s a wonderful set of shot; I really enjoied; happy your city birthday