The weather was perfect on Saturday for the parade. I waited around St Georges Hall for it to arrive. In 2005 I started at Pall Mall and then ran around to the town hall before they arrived to get those shots. This time I figured it would be nice to try St George’s Hall. The light was tricky and my flash, for some reason, was stuck in Manual mode. Some shots worked perfectly, others didn’t. I wish I was able to be in 2 places at once because I was getting nice shots in front of St George’s Hall but when I moved around to the side and used my 10-20 I also got shots I really liked. The parade, the hall, the sky. I didn’t plan on following them to the town hall but I did because I was enjoying it and I figured I could still get good shots. I was right. The always photogenic Batala Liverpool Samba band appeared. They performed for the Mayor with ticker tape falling from the sky. I couldn’t ask for a better setting. Afterwards I chatted to the town crier, who isn’t from Liverpool, and got a closing shot of him with the Mayor outside the town hall. You can watch a video of interviews and the parade at Pall Mall on Liverpool Stories.

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  1. Hi Pete I am the organiser of the parade and I love the photo’s and interview’s. I would like to add you as a link to my site as I only have a few photo’s also if you are planning to be at this years parade I would like to talk or meet up with you