The Maybes completely rocked Alma de Cuba as part of Liverpool Music Week. The crowd were ever so close to storming the stage. People from 16 to 50 lined the front and loved every minute of it.

5 responses

  1. Show at what iso setting? 1600? Great atmosphere anyway and a great band too 🙂

  2. Awesome looking place for a gig!

  3. Is that noise from the camera or did you add it after to replicate grain? Either way, it’s a great shot and the background really works well with the band.

  4. It was at ISO1600 with some editing in RAW to bring out more of the background detail. The lights were on the band so it was tricky trying to get that detail out the shadows, hence the noise. I never add noise to photos as I don’t believe in that. Adding it doesn’t look right. Its not a real effect produced by the sensor. High ISO works well enough IMHO.

  5. well.. _that’s_ a location!
    this pictures proofs, noise really adds mood to a picture.
    well chosen focal length and angle