I miss Amsterdam. I really really miss it. Something always happened there. But more than that I feel like its the first holiday I’ve had where I actually relaxed. Before your mind goes there, no. Beer, chocolate and I’m slowly getting into whiskey. Thats all. No crazy coffee shopping. I couldn’t afford the laundry bills.

Anyway. I genuielly relaxed there. It was like home but without responsibility. So I was able to have all the fun I would at home without the “Oh work next day.” or “Better head home and do the laundry.” It was a week of street photography mixed with architecture and beers by the canals. If we wanted to stay out till 12am to do more street photography and afterwards relax with a beer by the canal till 1am we could. Man I loved that freedom. It was so liberating.

I’ve been on lots of holidays but I always seem to put loads of pressure on myself to get the perfect photos in the perfect light. I get food anxiety. I worry about everything. I do have a great time. I loved our honeymoon around Europe. A Leica in Venice. My wife was there too. We do beach holidays where you’re supposed to relax and I sort of do but Amsterdam was definitely different. I guess because it reminded me of home it was like being at home but someone had lifted all the weights off your shoulders and you could simply enjoy life for a bit.

It was also our first holiday away with the Apple Watch and a local sim. Normally we go away and I try to ignore the internet. I consider that part of going away. But having the Apple Watch and a local sim with data access was a huge plus. We were never lost. At any moment I could say “Hey Siri. Take us to the apartment.” and it would with a gentle tap here and there. No map getting in the way of seeing new photos. If we went off the route because we saw something it would work it out. Again, freedom. If we wanted to go somewhere the Apple Watch would gentley guide us there and again we could see the world instead of concentrating on a map.

My battery issue with my X100s was resolved with the aid of 5 new batteries and 2 new chargers so I enjoyed getting back into using that camera. It’s my favourite digital camera and I’ve missed it.

All in all there were a lot of reasons why I was able to relax, to actually relax on this trip and enjoy life for a week. Apple Watch. X100s. Beer. That was until women in their underwear banged on windows. But that’s another story for another day… Here’s 7 days in Amsterdam.

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