A closed Sayers

Its a shame to see this. Sayers is somewhere I’ve been going since a kid with my nan. Their classic ice ring doughtnuts are fantstic. This is the shop on Bold St, closed. A real shame.

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  1. Bummer. I was in there enjoying a sausage roll but 3 weeks back. Still, out with the old in with the new …

    Will be interesting to see what comes in, Bold Street has a great selection of independent shops (Utility is in shot there, LOVE that place … Cafe 53 is fantastic)

    Nice blond as well, btw 😉

  2. You have a wonderful portfolio here. I really like your bw images.
    This one is a perfect street shot with the girl who a.: don’t wanna be photographed or b.:just looking her own reflection in the window.



  3. Nice capture of the street. 🙂

  4. Sayers? Never heard of them :p. I have, however, heard of Hampsons, which is what they should all be called.

    Sayers indeed….Nice photo though. I love the perspective and distortion that wide angles give.

  5. eyedoubleyou Avatar

    Sayers, I always remember being on a school trip and one of my fellow pupils shouting down a road scouse as you like, in the middle of bradford “Oi fella, where is Sayers”, being blind to the fact it was only north-west based shop.

    I think the chewing gum is a bigger shame, look how much there is outside Sayers? Does that show the fact that people dump their gum before they eat? or is it that Liverpool is covered in Chewing gum.

    Brilliant shot as ever.