Lightning over Liverpool

Great storm last night. Bit of a shame it wasn’t closer as I hear it was out in St Helens. In the city centre we got to see the lightning in completely dry, calm conditions. After the lightning finished there was a torrential downpour. It was like smoke blowing around the roads it was so heavy. More please.

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  1. Kitten Avatar

    It was incredible! 1.30 hours of crashing thunder and bright lightning lasting 5 seconds or so each time around. We thought the windows were going to come through!

  2. Wow, Pete that pic is fantastic. As always loving your work.

  3. Very impressive and makes for a dramatic shot. Love the contrast between the sky, lightning and the uplighting on the buildings. Haven’t had any storms over here in York, just heavy rain.

  4. Very nice indeed! The storms always seem to bypass me, which considering how much I love them is a real pain in the arse… Out of interest, what were the exposure times etc on that one?

  5. Absolutely BRILLIANT capture, and I LOVE the monochrome treatment. You have a real winner here!

  6. Looks like something out of Harry Potter.

  7. WOW! I would really like to have that on one of my walls!

  8. Very dramatic! I love the way you’ve handled this.

  9. Looks like a gateway to Hell (or Heaven?). Bit spooky the way it is right above Paddy’s wigwam.
    As Stewart mentioned, could you note the exposure, settings, etc, as I would love to try and get a shot like this (obviously I would have to wait for a thunder storm too)

  10. Excellent work Pete…stunning shot!

  11. Impressive. It’s the lighting in the clouds that really makes this striking. (No pun intended.)

  12. WOW, Amazing Photo.

  13. Exposure was 30 seconds at f/22. ISO200.

  14. It almost looks surreal.

  15. WOW! That is spectacular.

  16. Holy crap. Wow!

  17. I stuck a similar, even if not as good pic up @
    It’s awesome to have a great light show, and not a drop of rain!